LavaGrow – The Original Tephragro for Nursery and Horticulture Applications


LavaGrow More than 7000 years ago, volcanic activity in beautiful Nazko Valley, British Columbia erupted and formed the Nazko Cone. The youngest and most easterly eruptive centre in the Anahim belt produced a deep carpet of black pumice (lapillo), a natural light weight aggregate. Black pumice is a volcanic glass of low density and high surface porosity (60%). Its structure lends itself to a perfect natural growing medium ,along with its trace elements, micronutrients and neutral pH. LavaGrow has excellent porosity for controlled water holding capacity, but it still offers excellent drainage. The structure of LavaGrow can best be described as closed cell particle with surface porosity for time release of moisture (free draining). The small bubbles or cells inside the particle give LavaGrow its lightweight quality, but not over absorption. A very careful processing procedure with minimal mechanical impact and alteration of the LavaGrow is adhered to at the quarry. The material is only dry screened, and not crushed in any way so as to retain its natural shape, structure and integrity.

Use and Applications

  • Soil less growing medium for greenhouses & nurseries
  • Lightweight drainage medium for potted plant propagation
  • Filtration medium for removal of fusarium & pythiym spores
  • Acceptable for organic growers soil medium and additive
  • Lightweight aggregate for extensive green roof Growing Medium Type 1 & 2
  • Top dressing for container plants to control liverwort and moss development
  • Improved soil aeration and water retention in growing medium
  • Structural support to prevent soil sinkage and compression

Soil Fertility Report pH:6.58

Composition Totals

Element Amount
Ni – Nickel 56 ppm
Pb – Lead 15 ppm
SB – Antimony 4 ppm
Si – Silicon 0.2 %
Sr – Strontium 602 ppm
Ti – Titanium 1.46 %
V – Vanadium 208 ppm
W – Tungsten < 2 ppm
As – Arsenic 22 ppm
Ba – Barium 373 ppm
Be – Beryllium 2.8 ppm
Bi – Bismuth < 3 ppm
Cd Cadmium 2 ppm
Co – Cobalt 38 ppm
Cr – Chromium 132 ppm
La – Lanthanum 33 ppm
Mo Molybdenum 2 ppm
N – Nitrogen 0.004 %
P – Phosphorus 0.322 %
K – Potassium 1.54 %
Ca – Calcium 4.6 %
Mg – Magnesium 2.9 %
Na – Sodium 2.62 %
Fe – Iron 6.88 %
Al – Aluminum 6.52 %
S – Sulfur 0.06 %
B – Boron 18 ppm
Cu – Copper 86 ppm
Mn – Manganese 1146 ppm
Zn – Zinc 129 ppm
Ammonia – Nitrogen 3.07 ppm
Nitrate/Nitrite – Nitrogen 0.83 ppm
Available P 12.08 ppm

Available Nutrients

Element Amt (ppm)
K – Potassium 31
Ca – Calcium 210
Mg – Magnesium 35
Na – Sodium 10

Exchangeable Nutrients Cations

Element Amt (meq/100g)
CEC 2.32
K – Potassium 0.17
Ca – Calcium 1.08
Mg – Magnesium 0.29
Na – Sodium 0.05

Technical Specifications of LavaGrow

Specifications Amounts
Weight (dry) 1320 lbs/yd3, 785 kg/m3
Weight (wet) 1631 lbs/yd3
Sample Size (other gradations available) 3m x 5m ( 1/8″ x ¼” )
Sieve analysis (granulometric distribution in % w/w)
         6.30mm – 8.00mm 2.2 %
         4.00mm – 6.30mm 44.8 %
         2.00mm – 4.00mm 41.2 %
         0.63mm – 2.00mm 1.8 %
         0.20mm – 0.63mm 3.7 %
         0.063mm – 0.20mm 4.0 %
         < 0.063mm 2.3 %
Total Pore volume in % v/v 66.1 %
Air volume at WCmax in % v/v 45. %
Maximum water capacity (WCmax) in mass % 22.8 %
Maximum water capacity (WCmax) in vol % 20.7 %
pH 6.6 %
Available sodium 1 ppm
E.C. Salts 0.2 mmos/cm
Organic Matter 0 %
Total Nitrogen < 0.01 %
Available phosphorus 15 ppm
Available potassium 15 ppm
Available calcium 75 ppm
Available magnesium 14 ppm
Available copper 0.5 ppm
Available zinc 0.5 ppm
Available iron 240 ppm
Available manganese 5 ppm

History & Testing of LavaGrow

LavaGrow LavaGrow, the original Tephragro, has been used in the nursery, horticulture and landscape industry as a soil additive and lightweight aggregate since the early 1990’s. Testing of the aggregate began in 1985 and continues today to assure quality and consistency for each application. Various sieve gradations have been developed over the years to assist end users with their specific mixes, soil designs and applications. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have performed numerous controlled tests for the evaluation of LavaGrow in the production of Greenhouse Crops as a soil- less growing medium and for disease control with slow filtration. Proprietary blends of extensive green roof growing mediums have been developed and used for key buildings in the Pacific Northwest. Full spectrum analysis has been performed on the lightweight aggregate including soil fertility, pH, available micro-nutrients, available trace elements/minerals analysis, chemical properties, cation exchange Capacity, filtration removal ability of know contaminants, water space, pore volume, air filled porosity, maximum water capacity, dry density and various sieve gradation analysis.



Distribution and Delivery

LavaGrow is available to be shipped throughout North America in the following sizes and volumes:

  • 20kg bags (44 pounds) (minimum 1 pallet-53 bags)
  • 1.0 cubic meter totes (fits on standard sized pallets)
  • Super B-Train Trucks (minimum 40-44 M.t)

We can also customize your order.


Pricing Information

Please contact us for material pricing, delivery and logistics information, additional technical information and testing. Customer references & testimonials available upon request.