Our Story

CanLava Mining started back in 1992 with one man’s vision of taking an environmentally friendly solution and developing a broader market for it here in Western Canada within the construction industry. This dream was built around the Nazko Cone Volcano just west of Quesnel in beautiful British Columbia. With a dream and a goal, CanLava Mining was born. This beautiful Volcano provides us with a high-quality basalt and scoria, which are types of Lava Rock. This volcano is also one of the largest deposits of Lava Rock in North America. This wonderful 100% completely organic and eco-friendly material is the perfect alternative to other materials that require large fossil fuel inputs to be created, which are also harmful to our environment. Fast-Forward to 2012 and a new ownership group was formed from old relationships but with the same values and beliefs, to make change where possible and when possible. Their vision of success was to be achieved through sustainability and social responsibility, together they purchased CanLava. The current CanLava family has taken it one step further to pioneer a strong relationship with the community of the Nazko First Nation, founded on mutual trust and respect. Through this wonderful relationship CanLava has created employment opportunities, supported the local school and community center, and has been working closely with the Nazko First Nation on developing business opportunities. CanLava strives to enhance operations, increase markets and continue to develop the resource and that of other minerals.

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Our Mission

“To develop and grow markets that we can deliver sustainable quality solutions to, while ensuring our integrity and commitment to one another”