LavaGrip by CanaLava

“The Original Anti-Slip”

LavaGrip is another premium product from CanLava that solves the age-old problem of slippery conditions in the winter. LavaGrip is sure to deliver all the added traction you need. This wonderful product is eco-friendly and non-corrosive, so the natural environment is not at all affected when and where LavaGrip is used. LavaGrip is also 100% completely reusable. A sustainable solution that will have your pets loving you more for using it along with mother nature.

  • Chemically inert and is pH neutral
  • It will not cause the same staining as salt will
  • 100% sustainable, organic and environmentally friendly
  • Black in color so it absorbs the sunlight to work in any temperature
  • Reusable so sweep it up at the end of the winter and keep for the next
  • Reduces ice buildup over time, where salt forms a thick layer underneath
  • Its structural shape greatly reduces the tracking of the product into your home
  • Is a solid structure so it does not deteriorate or dissolve over time in the snow or ice
  • Ice Melt and Chemicals can cause a lot of pain on your pet’s paws causing them to lick it off in an attempt to free themselves from the pain. This toxic chemical gets in their lungs and is incredibly harmful for them. That is why pet owners love LavaGrip because it keeps their pets safe.


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