TephraLite – Geotechnical by CanLava

“The Natural Lightweight Solution to Your Construction Challenges”

CanLava’s Tephralite is a high-quality lightweight red vesicular basalt, that is a cost-effective solution to many engineering challenges. TephraLite – Red Basalt has a wide variety of uses and applications. We understand that one of the many problems faced by geotechnical engineers when developing designs for specific types of projects is the weight of natural fill used in construction. Our TephraLite – Red Basalt delivers on all the required engineering characteristics needed to overcome the challenge of weight. TephraLite- Red Basalt ensures great project outcomes over the long-term. This natural volcanic lightweight aggregate is a high performing material, test results prove it.


  • Cost effective solutions for challenging geotechnical applications.
  • Reduced weight of construction fill.
  • High internal angle of friction.
  • Reduction of backfill vertical and lateral forces.
  • Low water absorption rate.
  • Free draining material.
  • Highly resistant to abrasion & chemical attacks.
  • High soil resistivity.
  • Thermal insulator in fills for pipes, utility lines, etc.


  • Recognized product of BC M.O.T.I. (#1140).
  • Volcanic lightweight aggregate.
  • 1/3 the weight of traditional sand-based pit run fill.
  • Completely natural and environmentally neutral.
  • High Durability.


  • Road base lightweight fill.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Bridge approaches & abutments.
  • Foundation back-fill.
  • Water and sewer trench lightweight fill.
  • Gas and oil pipeline fill.
  • Telecommunications and hydro conduit line fill.
  • Underground storage tank back-fill.
  • Landfill drainage system.
  • Building/Structural foundation backfill.
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