TephraLite – LWF by CanaLava

“Natural Lightweight Solutions to All Your Construction Challenges”

CanLava’s Tephralite is a high-quality lightweight scoria product that is a cost-effective solution to many engineering challenges and has a wide variety of uses and applications. We understand that one of the many problems faced by geotechnical engineers when developing designs for specific types of builds is the weight in earth materials used in construction. Our quality basalt delivers on a high level all the required engineering characteristics required to overcome the challenge of weight amongst many other things and ensures great project outcomes over the long-term. There is no other lightweight aggregate product available that performs like ours in so many different areas, and we have the results to back it.

  • Free draining
  • High soil resistivity
  • Chemically inert material
  • 100% organic and sustainable
  • High Internal rate of friction angle
  • Reduction of backfill lateral forces
  • Higher structural integrity than pumice
  • Largely reduces weight of construction fill
  • Lower water absorption rate than white pumice
  • Cost effective solution for geotechnical applications
  • Durability under severe conditions better than pumice
  • Recognized product of BC Ministry of Transportation (1140)
  • Offers thermal insulation when used as fill for (pipes, lines, etc.)
  • Easy to use and place in all types of weathers with common site equipment
  • Installation instruction available upon request
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