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CanLava Mining Corp has the largest commercial volcanic deposit quarry in North America and is the only producer of several types of aggregates in Canada.

CanLava has proven reserves of approximately 44 million metric tons of high quality material and is a unique post glacial reserve in that the volcanic aggregate is not contaminated by glacial till. The aggregate is clean, with very little overburden, and requires minimal processing by crushing and screening to specification. The volcanic aggregate is 100 percent natural and chemically inert. The lapillo (pumice) has no negative environmental side effects and can be used to replace many less friendly man-made products such as slag and expanded clay and shale.

CanLava’s products meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM for all its applicable applications. CanLava’s products also fit into and meet criteria as laid out in the LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) program and Kyoto legislation.