LavaScape by CanLava

“The Lava Rock Landscape Cover That Is Both Beautiful and Unique”

LavaScape is one of CanLava’s premier products that is completely natural. Our lava rock comes from the Nazko Cone Volcano in beautiful British Columbia. This decorative landscaping lava rock is what every home owner has been looking for. Beautiful and unique, this lava rock is sure to complete anyone’s home and garden while leaving everyone impressed. Mix in LavaScape with your soil as it is an excellent conditioner for soils that need increased aeration and drainage, or simply use it just as a beautiful and decorative mulch. This inorganic material won’t break down and can reduce your water requirements by up to a third. Available here from CanLava, this very low-maintenance solution will bring all the value-added benefits no other alternative product can provide, and when used as a mulch will help reduce a gardens biggest problem, weeds.

Organic Conditioner for Soil

Beautiful & Decorative Mulch 

Decorative Landscaping Lava Rock

  • Resistant to discoloring
  • Resistant to deterioration over time
  • 100% completely natural and eco-friendly
  • Rich in micro-nutrients, trace elements & minerals
  • Free draining so excess water trickles into the top soil
  • Greatly reduces weeds ability to take hold in your garden
  • Absorbs water within the rock structure itself to aid surrounding plants
  • Will not splash onto your home or fence and stain them like other materials
  • Place 2” – 4” layer of LavaScape on top of a nice black top soil and enjoy all the added benefits
  • Available in two colors: Sunrise Red and Midnight Black
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