TephraLite – Lightweight Concrete by CanLava

“TephraLite lightweight aggregates are suitable for virtually all structural lightweight concrete applications that require a high-quality material with proven and reliable characteristics.”

The lightweight aggregates, red vesicular basalt and black scoria, have a low water absorption rate and high durability compared to common lightweight aggregates. That, combined with its superior performance and ease of use, makes TephraLite your best choice for structural lightweight concrete applications.


lava rock for concrete applications
using tephralite for concrete paving
construction of buildings with volcanic aggregate


  • Weight reduction.
  • Less dead loads.
  • Longer spans and thicker slabs.
  • Lightweight Fill Material.
  • Less material needed (steel, concrete, etc.).
  • Less foundation costs.
  • Less transportation, handling& lifting costs.
  • Construction time savings.
  • Increase fire resistance & thermal insulation (R Value).
  • Increased sound absorption.
  • Energy savings over time.
  • “Greener” and a more sustainable solution.
  • Increase mason’s productivity & reduce injuries.
  • Less shrinkage & internal curing of concrete


  • Concrete floors in steel frame buildings.
  • Concrete frame buildings (walls, slabs, etc.).
  • Parking structures.
  • Bridge decks.
  • Marine structures.
  • Precast & prestressed concrete elements:
    • Beams
    • Panels & partition walls
    • Tilt-up walls
    • Hollow core slabs
    • Utility vaults
  • Sound barriers.
  • Concrete masonry blocks for buildings & houses.


  • Meets the requirements of the ASTM C330 & C331 specifications.
  • High durability.
  • Very good resistance to abrasion and chemical attacks.
  • No potential of alkali aggregate reaction.
  • Low water absorption compared to pumice.
    • Easy to adjust for volume and transportation.
    • Easy to adjust the concrete mixes.
    • Easy to handle and use during concrete production.
  • Completely natural and environmentally neutral.