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CanLava Mining Corp. owns and operates the Nazko Cone lava mine 100 kilometres west of Quesnel, BC. The mine consists of six claims and two leases that are centred around a volcano. The main resource is vesicular basalt that came from the volcano after the last ice age. The mine is on the traditional territory of the Nazko First Nation, a band with members living only 15 minutes away by car.

The property was first staked in the 1992. It has gone through a number of private owners and a public company. The last operator previous to CanLava ran into financial difficulties that resulted in the mine being placed into receivership. A group of investors, with some knowledge in transportation, quarry operations and business, bid for the operation. In June 2012 the mine was purchased by CanLava from the Receiver.

The claims and leases make up over 2,000 hectares of land or over 5,000 acres. The volcano is the biggest attraction on the property but it would be a disservice to stop there. On the back side of the volcano is a massive cave that is inhabited by bats and other animals. There is a large marsh on the west side of the claims that has little creeks trickling through. It is the home to numerous birds and animals. The southern boundary has areas so pristine, it seems likely that no one has ever been there.

The volcano itself last erupted about 7,200 years ago, making the basalt a unique post-glacial deposit. The lava on the south side of the volcano flowed out in a traditional manner and hardened in red, brown and gray material seen in places like Hawaii. The north side is covered by a blanket of jet black, evenly sized pieces of tephra that are small. This latter material was blown out of the volcano and drifted northward with the wind. Formal estimates produced by an engineering firm retained by an early operator of the mine post mineral reserves at 43 million metric tonnes. That’s enough to supply the annual output for 170 years!

Today, CanLava has its own crusher and screener on site along with an excavator, two loaders and a scale. The company owns and operates eight sets of trailers to bring the product to its various markets.

CanLava is proud of its mandate to operate in a sustainable manner. The mine site is reviewed by an engineer annually, safeguards are in place to ensure compliance with current protection standards and the site is keep in a pristine condition.

The company is also proud of its relationship with the community and Nazko First Nation. Through employment opportunities to locals, donations to the local school and community centre and by working with the Nazko First Nation on business opportunities, CanLava has participated in the local community in an effort to earn trust and respect.

CanLava strives to enhance operations, increase markets and continue to develop the resource and that of other minerals. For more information, please contact us at 1-888-617-1797.